Welcome to Kids Zone—a heartwarming space designed for families to enjoy the event together.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to bring your kids, as we believe family comes first.

Kids Zone is not just a section; it's a testament to our commitment that business should never come at the expense of family.

This area is dedicated to creating a family-friendly environment where both parents and children can delight in the festivities, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone. Join us and let your family be a cherished part of our event celebration.



Bouncy Houses

Bounce into a world of giggles and gravity-defying fun at the Chill Zone! Our bouncy houses are a burst of joy, where kids become bouncing superstars. In this inflatable haven, laughter fills the air as your kids bounce and leap, creating memories that reach new heights. Welcome to the ultimate bounce party – where every jump is a step into pure happiness!


Face Painting

Transform into a living canvas of imagination at the Chill Zone with our enchanting face painting! Watch as little faces light up with excitement as they become whimsical butterflies, fierce animals, or royal princes and princesses. Our skilled artists turn cheeks into works of art, creating smiles that radiate joy. It's not just face painting; it's a majestic journey where every brushstroke brings dreams to life. Welcome to a world where faces become masterpieces and fun knows no limits!


Giant Inflatable Bowling

Roll into the fun zone with our giant inflatable bowling at the Chill Zone! Picture massive, gigglesome pins towering above as kids aim for the perfect strike with oversized, bouncy balls. It's a spectacle of joy and friendly competition, where every roll is a chance for laughter and triumphant cheers. Welcome to the land of giant strikes and endless smiles – where bowling becomes a super-sized adventure!


Bean Bag Toss

Step up to the fun challenge of bean bag toss at the Chill Zone! Little ones take aim and toss bean bags with cheerful determination, aiming for the target like mini champions. It's a game of skill and laughter, where every successful toss is a victory dance waiting to happen. Join the excitement and let the bean bag fun fly – welcome to a world where aiming for joy is the ultimate goal!


Ring Toss

Get ready for the perfect ring of fun at the Kid's Zone with our classic Ring Toss! Kids take aim, tossing rings with glee, aiming for the victory posts like carnival pros. It's a game of precision and excitement, where every successful toss is a celebration. Join the ring-tossing fiesta and dive into a world where smiles are the real prize – welcome to endless joy in the Chill Zone!


Giant Connect Four

Giant-sized fun awaits at the Chill Zone with our colossal Connect Four! Imagine vibrant discs as big as your imagination, sliding into place as kids strategize for victory. It's a towering twist on the classic game, where the excitement is larger than life, and every winning connection is a moment of triumph. Welcome to the world of gigantic giggles and strategic smiles – where Connect Four becomes a giant-sized adventure!


Kids DJ

Turn up the kid-friendly beats with our Children's DJ at the Chill Zone! Imagine a musical wonderland where tiny feet groove to tunes specially curated for young partygoers. Our DJ spins a mix of playful melodies, creating a dance floor where every move is a celebration. It's not just music; it's a rhythm-filled adventure where little dancers are the stars. Welcome to the Chill Zone, where the beats are as contagious as the smiles!

The Majestic Gathering

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